Denim by Design

Take a peek into our Design Studio and discover how
our denim collection is created. From the original vision
of the designers to the finished product, we take great
care to ensure that every pair of jeans meets our quality
and fit standards.

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Here, our artist sketches various denim looks
that illustrate the vision of the design team, including
different leg shapes and fashion washes.


Once the denim samples are created, the design team
carefully checks each jean to make sure the washes
and sandblasting meet the color standard for each
collection. They also check that each tear and destructed
detail is just right for an authentic look.


The team carefully selects an assortment of washes from
lightly blasted to dark rinse. Whether it’s polished for the
office or faded and torn for a completely lived-in look,
you have endless options.


And finally, the most important detail in the denim
design process, our special team of fit technicians
measures the samples to make sure the dimensions are
perfect so each pair fits you beautifully.