To The Rescue

For every homeless dog, there’s a loving family, individual or couple yearning to give a dog a forever home. At Catherines, we’re committed to doing our part — and proud to support animal adoption through donations, supply drives and featuring only rescue animals in our marketing campaigns.
It all started with a dog named Dillon.

Dillon, an adorable American Pit Bull Terrier, makes his modeling debut
in Catherines Modern Romance Campaign.


Who doesn’t love having a four-legged friend around? So when Catherines decided to add dogs to our
photo shoots, there were smiles all around. But then, an even better idea surfaced. Instead of hiring “dog
models,” why not feature rescue pups? In doing so, Catherines was hoping to play a role in finding loving
homes for abandoned, neglected or even abused animals.

Enter Dillon, a high-spirited sweetheart of a dog who came to us from Providence Animal Center, a
501(c)(3) pet adoption and wellness organization located in Media, PA. He arrived at the Center through
their TAILS (Transporting Animals Into Loving Situations) program from an overcrowded North Carolina
shelter. There, Dillon surely would have been euthanized due to a lack of space and his breed. Instead,
our canine friend, with the help of his compassionate new animal center, enjoyed his five minutes of fame
playing himself in our Catherines Modern Romance campaign.

Dillon is currently featured in the window at nearly 400 Catherines stores nationwide and online at Following his photo shoot, Dillon returned to Providence Animal Center, where his new
“celebrity status” was highlighted in a bio on the Center’s website.

Dillon finds his forever home with Ashley, who says Dillon keeps her laughing and smiling every day.


It wasn’t long before Dillon captured the heart of Ashley,
who initially fostered the young dog to find out if they were a good fit.

“Dillon has such a sweet and joyful energy, which stood out to me when I first met him at Providence
Animal Center,” says Ashley. “He just wants to love and be loved, and he’s enriched my life with that
unconditional affection. He keeps me laughing and smiling every day, and I try to do the same for him!”

We’re so glad that these two found each other, and we look forward to encouraging more happy
endings for homeless animals and loving families.

Dillon was just one of many adoptable dogs at Providence Animal Center. Visit to find your forever companion. Or visit any animal center in your community to learn about the importance of animal adoption.