Gilligan Goes Home

Animal adoption is something we at Catherines are passionate about. Many of our associates are pet owners and we know how strong the bond with a rescue animal can be. So, we decided to feature adoptable dogs in our marketing campaigns with the goal of raising awareness and maybe even finding a few of their forever homes. After our first successful venture with Dillon, we were hopeful for another happy ending.

Gilligan out for a walk

Along came Gilligan. A high-energy “red” Miniature Pinscher, he was introduced to us through Providence Animal Center, a 501(c)(3) pet adoption and wellness organization located in Media, PA. Gilligan’s mother was pregnant when she was rescued from an overcrowded shelter. Pregnant animals are at exceptionally high risk in shelters, and without Providence, she likely wouldn’t have made it out. In her foster home, she gave birth to Gilligan and his three siblings. All of the pups were quickly adopted, but sadly, Gilligan was returned because of his energy level. Puppies are a challenge for anyone, but trying to rehome a returned rescue pup is especially difficult.

Gilligan onset for our Holiday photoshoot

Providence felt that Gilligan deserved a second chance. They selected him to take part in the photo shoot for our Holiday campaign. He turned out to be an ideal working dog. With a bit of encouragement in the form of hot dogs and cheese, Gilligan was poised and motivated. His high energy was channeled into his task, and he did a fantastic job modeling. His excellent behavior and personality enabled the staff at Providence to recommend Gilligan wholeheartedly for a new adoption. His on-set photo was featured on the shelter’s Facebook page and comments started coming in.

Gilligan takes a break

One couple, Jim and Maryann, were looking for a new pet after their elderly dog passed away. Gilligan was the perfect match, and he’s now comfortably settled in with his new family.

Gilligan with his new family

“Gilligan is with me every minute,” says Jim. “We were heartbroken
and this little guy has filled that spot. He’s got a lot of energy and
is a great watchdog.”

These days, Gilligan is enjoying twice daily car trips, which help rebuild his trust after previously being returned to the shelter. Jim says that he plans to start working with a trainer in the spring to continue building Gilligan’s confidence, and that he is a wonderful dog who loves to pretend that he is much larger than his 17 lbs. We look forward to continued updates on Gilligan and his family.

Gilligan Napping

Gilligan was just one of many adoptable dogs at Providence Animal Center. Visit to find your forever companion. Or visit any animal center in your community to learn about the importance of animal adoption.