Random Acts of Catherines

They say no kindness ever goes unnoticed.
We agree, which is why we’re honoring two Catherines customers
for their generosity of spirit and “pay it forward” attitude.
Acts of kindness seem to flourish at Catherines stores, so we decided
to give them a name: Random Acts of Catherines.

Meet Catherines customers Whitney and Beth from our
Jacksonville store. Together, they spread a little extra sunshine
and inspired us to find out more about their story.

Random Acts of Catherines

On a busy Saturday in our Jacksonville, Florida store, associates and
customers were wrapping up the festivities of a Style Event.
It was a happy day and spirits were high. The fashion show featured
customers who had volunteered to model their favorite styles.

Whitney, a young woman with a sparkling personality, was especially
compelling. She really enjoyed the modeling, and was so pleasant
and entertaining that all the customers loved her. At the end of the
event, Whitney had her eye on a dress she was hoping to buy with
her model discount, but was concerned about the price.

Beth, another customer who had modeled in the Fashion Show
that day, overheard Whitney’s concern and offered to buy the dress
for her on the spot. It was a simple act of kindness that touched the
hearts of everyone present, and was then brought to the attention of
Catherines headquarters.

Kindness may be its own reward, but we thought these lovely ladies
deserved extra recognition. Whitney and Beth each received a
Catherines Gift Card, along with our thanks for demonstrating the
simple beauty of a Random Act of Catherines.

Have you witnessed any Random Acts of Catherines?
Or maybe you have a great idea about how to “pay it forward?”
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